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Bio Skin

The Calf Skin provides the calf with constant compression for both calf and shin area. Excellent in helping reduce shin splints, Bio Skin's light weight and low profile make it very easy to wear.

What is Bio Skin?

Indications: compartment(al) syndrome, contusion, shin splints, sprain.

Sizing - measure circumference of largest part of calf


Size Largest circumference of calf Item#
X-Small 8" - 10" BS-46300
Small 10" - 12" BS-46301
Medium 12" - 14" BS-46302
Large 14" - 16" BS-46303
X-Large 16" - 18" BS-46304
XX-Large 18" - 20" BS-46305
Bio Skin Supports fit tight.  It is recommended to buy the next size up for a more comfortable fit or if you are going to wear your support for long periods.

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Neoprene Calf Sleeve

Neoprene Calf Sleeve

Contour design assures proper fit and correct degree of compression support.

Sizing - circumference measurement taken at mid-calf


Size Circumference of mid-calf Item#
X-Small 8" - 10" WM-82342
Small 10" - 12" WM-82342
Medium 12" - 14" WM-82345
Large 14" - 16" WM-82347
X-Large 16" - 18" WM-82348



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