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Tennis Elbow Braces

Epipoint by Bauerfeind

Epipoint Tennis Elbow Support
For Tennis Elbow (lateral epicondylitis).  The silicone insert fits next to the skin. The insert stabilizes the muscles and apply force to relieve epicondylitis.

Gel-band arm band. Con be cooled or heated for thrapy on acute or chronic injuries.

Gel-band arm band
Use this support to treat common injuries like tennis or golfer's elbow. Provides relief from arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, strains and pains. Unique GelCell™ can be cooled or heated for therapy on acute or chronic injuries.

Epitrain by Bauerfeind

Epitrain Active Elbow Support
Silicone inserts leave the epicondyle pressure-free and provide an intermittent compression to the soft tissue of the joint, leading to increased circulation, thus aiding in the resorption of swelling and edema

Matt Elbow Strap

Matt Elbow Strap
Useful for tennis and golfers elbow.  Foamed silicone pad absorbs shock. Buttress is a unique composite of foamed silicone and a Spectron non-slip backing. Elasticized double-pull strap provides a unique compression over the buttress.


Hyperextension elbow brace

Hyperextension hinged elbow brace
The Simply Stable HXt hyperextension elbow brace is designed to stabilize the elbow by helping to control extension and rotation. Stabilization is accomplished through a unique design that incorporates dual polycentric hinges into a functional Neoprene sleeve.  With dual cruciate straps and upper and lower counter-stress adjustment straps the Simply Stable HXt elbow stabilizer provides comfortable, stable extension control.

Epi-sport elbow clasp to treat lateral or medial epicondylitis

Epi-sport for epicondylitis
This specially designed elbow clasp provides targeted compression to the long tendons of the forearm extensor and flexor muscles. The tendons are held more parallel to allow healing to begin and reduce inflammation and pain.

Tennis Elbow Band
Tennis Elbow Band

Tennis Elbow Band with Strap & Pad
This Tennis Elbow band has a tear shaped foam pad which can be placed for treatment of lateral or medial epicondylitis. Easily the lightest most comfortable Tennis Elbow support.



Pneumatic armband by aircast for epicondylitis

Pneumatic Armband by Aircast
The Aircast Pneumatic Armband tennis elbow strap contains a small aircell that focuses more pressure on the involved muscle and less around the arm. Laboratory tests show that the pressure under the aircell is about 50% greater than the average under the rest of the band's circumference.

tennis elbow strap

Epi-Lock Tennis Elbow Strap
This uniquely designed tennis elbow strap is more effective and comfortable than conventional supports. Its two straps together give exceptional support and pain relief.

Valgus overload hinged elbow brace
The Simply Stable VOS, valgus overload stabilizer elbow brace is designed to help control valgus overload stresses during functional overhead motions. The overhead motions associated with throwing, tennis and volleyball put a tremendous stress on the elbow joint and ulnar collateral ligament (UCL).  The unique design of the VOS helps to stabilize the UCL and channel some of this energy through the brace and medial polycentric hinge.  The VOS can also be used to provide lateral stabilization.

Elbow sleeve with strap by BodyGlove

Body Glove elbow sleeve
Elbow Sleeve, Neoprene,
with strap



SofTouch Cold and Hot Pack Therapy

Cold or Hot Pack therapy

  • Freezer or Microwave
  • Multiple uses include:
    pain management, post-operative, inflammation, swelling, headaches/migraines, stress/tension, traumatic injuries
  • Reusable, washable, easily disinfected
  • Becomes softer with use

Brewster brace for lateral elbow pain

Brewster Brace for lateral elbow pain
Introducing the latest in technology to help you treat lateral elbow pain. Whether it is lateral epicondylitis, or radial nerve compression, the Brewster Brace will help alleviate your patient's pain. The Brewster decreases tension on two muscles that are commonly associated with overuse injuries of the lateral elbow.

SILOPAD Heel/Elbow Slipover

SILOPAD™  Heel/Elbow Slipover
Product is a sleeve made with a stretchable cotton/nylon fabric and a SiliposŪ proprietary gel cushion which is designed to contour around the heel or the elbow to protect the heel or elbow from pressure, friction, and shear forces.

Magnetic Elbow Brace

Magnetic Elbow Support
Magnetism can increase blood circulation, according to the Hall Effect, a principle of physics.  This principle states that when a magnetic field, which provides deep heat, is place over blood vessels, the heat and mechanical change in blood flow cause the blood vessels to widen.  This allows a greater amount of blood to pass through, increasing the circulation.


Tennis elbow strap by BodyGlove

Tennis Elbow Strap
Tennis Elbow
w/pressure pad
& elastic strap

Elbow Skin with Turf Burn Prevention Pad

Elbow Skin with Turf Burn Prevention Pad
Bio Skin Turf Burn Prevention Pad. When Elbow protection is needed this is your support. Even under full flexion the elbow skin will not bind or impinge.

Gel-e-roll Elastic Bandage
Gel-E-Roll Elastic Gel Bandage is ideal for contusions and sprains and can be used for edema control, cold therapy, and bursa problems.  It also helps reduce muscle strains or arthritic pain and control swelling at the elbow.

tennis elbow sleeve with strap

Tennis Elbow Sleeve with Strap
This pull on sleeve is 10 inches long. Indications are strains, sprains, arthritis, bursitis, turf protection and epicondylitis.

Padded elbow sleeve by BodyGlove

Padded elbow sleeve
Padded Elbow Sleeve



More Elbow Supports

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